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The site when built will contain information about amateur sports organisations and other information including events ,sports charities ,professional information to encourage more involvement in sports.

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.Amateur athletics in LONDON .  Join in and enjoy  the company . Athletics LONDON

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.Amateur Cycling in LONDON. Join ,have fun , keep safe ,become part of a team.Cycling LONDON

London will be hosting the IAAF and IPC 2017 World Championships of athletics

This will be the biggest event since the 2012 Olympics held inLONDON   is the official site for the competition.



Polo club in LONDON

Cheer Leaders Training LONDON


Skateboarding LONDON

Long Live Southbank skateboarding

  Friday Night Skate LONDON

.COMING SOON esport in London.




The sports hub and sports infrastructure in LONDON after the Olympic has created an ideal place for sports competitions in the future for amateur athletes who are the lifeblood of future Olympic stars.

They must be encouraged and psychologically trained for developing the stamina required to be a future Olympian.

More sports sponsorship should be encouraged to allow more money to be spent on sports equipment and sports training equipment .

Also the use of second hand sports equipment from larger  companies should be considered for use by amateur clubs.Used Sports Equipment

Great Birmingham Run Sunday October 16th Athletics LONDON

Rugby Hall of Fame Official opening 17th Nov 2016 .All RUGBY fans  must pay Rugby Library CV21 a visit. #rugbyleague

Rugby Hall of Fame.


Retail Bonds issued by companies to raise finance and  placed on the Order Book for Retail Bonds operated by the London Stock Exchange.   Only use financial advisors registered with the F.C.A at

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